Engagement Post

Hello Everyone! I’ve talked about my fianceé and I, but I’ve never posted a picture of him here and decided that a post on our engagement photo shoot needed to be done! So, here’s a couple pictures of my man and I!


One Of The Shots I Had Really Wanted, Scrabble Letters


My Second Favorite Photo, Love The Backgrounds of Pine

Our photoshoot day for our engagement session is possibly one of my favorite days to date, for many reasons. With a father who used to be a photographer I learned early on to appreciate the power of pictures and to value the beauty of a photo snapped where pure joy was evident. Thats how I felt about our engagement session day – I knew that I was with the love of my life, that these pictures would be viewed all throughout our lives and that the meaning of this day was something extremely special.


This Photo Really Struck A Cord With Me, It Speaks Commitment and Trust

Getting ready for our session was another fun thing that happened, getting all prepped for our big photoshoot was so rewarding afterward. When we were discussing what type of photoshoot we wanted we both had different views on it – I wanted it a little more formal and he wanted some rustic flair. Our compromise (which ended up perfectly in the end) was to dress in a neutral color that was a tad dressy and have most of our backgrounds rustic and woodsy, thus the woods and stone.


It Was Important To Both Of Us That Christ Was Seen Through Our Photos

Christ is the One who brought us together and this is something we wanted to show through in our photos, so our photographer came up with the beautiful idea by staging the picture seen above. I love everything about that photo – the Bible, the stained glass, the ring sitting on top of the Bible to show devotion and love. I don’t think this photo could have said all we felt that day any better.


And Last But Not Least, My Favorite Picture

This last picture shows everything we were feeling – pure joy and peace. Our engagement session day is a day we will never forget and is a direct link to the fast approaching most important day of our lives – our wedding day. On that morning we will do many of the same things we did for our photoshoot – get ready, share our joy and point to Christ every step of the way. We viewed our engagement session as a celebration of our love and to capture this special time before the beautiful day we will seal our love for each other before Christ and those we cherish.

I’m so happy to be able to share these pictures that perfectly captured our love for Christ, our joy in each other and the excitement of our soon-to-be wedding day! Hopefully this post helped any readers who do not know me personally to meet my wonderful financé and to better communicate where we are in this wonderful journey as we press toward one of the most precious days we will ever share together!

Happy reading!

XOXO – Autumn


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