Being A Wife + Entrepreneur

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Today’s blog post is going to be for those enquiring minds that wonder how it is possible to be both a wife as well as an entrepreneur!

I think this question comes up a lot, and I think it comes up even more now that lot’s of women have their own start-up businesses and such. In recent years, there has been a big boom of women doing this type of thing and it’s not only young post-college grads either but also middle aged women and older trying to pave their own way in this fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

There is a lot involved in being an entrepreneur. Usually, especially when just starting out, you are about ten or more people at once.

You are the:

  • CEO
  • Vice President
  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Affiliations Specialist
  • Deal Broker
  • Designer
  • Production Manager
  • Packer
  • Shipper
  • Still Photographer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Advertising Guru
  • Maker Of The Item
  • The Quality Manager


And you also get to deal with any possible unhappy customers, so you also get to be the Customer Service Rep, as well.

With certain businesses that list may be shorter or even longer but in my entrepreneurial business, that is my list of people that I personally am all in one! To say that it is easy would be a flat out lie but I can assure you that it has been well worth it since I first opened my business to the public. Aside from all that, also throw in being a wife.

Ohhh yes, now that can be very interesting!

Being a wife and an entrepreneur can be extremely tricky because not only are you a wife and business owner but you also have a household to run, as well. This brings in the very important skill of time management and this will probably save your life somewhere down the road!

I think what has made it a tiny bit easier for me is that I have been running a business since high school – so, therefore, it’s not like I just got married and *poof!* started the grueling task of creating my own business! I had a few years of experience behind me, and that has helped a lot.

Now if you just got married without any previous experience of owning and operating your own business, you are going to be in for one wild ride! It was tough enough for me to start a business in high school around schoolwork and other activities so I cannot imagine what it would be like for a newly married woman to start from scratch.

Also, if you are not newly married and starting a business of your own, it will also be an adjustment for you as well! Though you may have been married for quite some time your biggest obstacle may very well be time. By then you are somewhat set in your schedule and when you are in your first year or two of starting your own entrepreneurial path, it will take most all of your time. You will have to relearn time management skills that fit into your lifestyle which can take some time getting used to as well.

Another thing to consider, too, is advertisement. This can take a ton of time and is also more work than you probably realize. Advertisement for the entrepreneur now involves a lot of things – social media (Facebook, Instagram, ect.), an Etsy store (if you are making handmade items), a blog platform, paper fliers and reviews.

Each one of those things takes a ton of time to execute properly and some take time almost every day, mainly the social media aspect.

Things like an Etsy store or blogging platform are very effective ways to help grow your business but can take hours to prepare for and then publish. This includes finished products, good still photography skills, price adjustments, photo editing and good writing knowledge. And then with the writing part, you have to also sometimes edit and review it multiple times.

That is a great big ball of wax that personally I tend to devote an entire day to, or sometimes a day and a half.

It’s also important to have acquired at least some business knowledge in your state and depending on what exactly you are doing also a business license and proper tax paperwork for your business. You do not want to mess up this bit.

Branding is also a very important aspect of building a business because you want to stand out from the rest and that may very well include a unique logo, website design, and professional business cards.

And as much time and effort as you give to your budding business you also must remember that you are also a wife and have a household to run! Again, this is time management practice at it’s best, so hopefully, that makes it a tad easier for you.

Both of these things separate from one another are amazing, but I have learned that when you put them together it is an amazingly rewarding process. I love having a husband that both supports me as a wife and as an entrepreneur – it’s very special and something I wish every woman could feel.

In just the last year my business has grown leaps and bounds. I have grown clientele both in my own town and in other states as well, and I urge you to use the word of mouth approach as much as you can, it’s very useful and helps grow you a bit faster than just paper fliers. (Though that helps as well.)

I have also been able to invest in a branding unique to Autumn Renae Designs as well as a new logo and website, growing my social media presence and recently also bringing my business to my blog from time to time.

ARD started by doing alterations for local clients but has grown into offering custom sewn designs, housewares, specialty gifts, and specialty alterations. It has also grown to include a sugar scrub line that features both women and men’s scents (men’s coming this fall) as well as photography services covering several different settings.

It has grown so very much, and I am excited to see where my business is in another five years!

There is sooooo much more that can be said on this topic that I’m sure there will be another post somewhat like this in the future – I’m always willing and excited to help other women grow their business or even start on from scratch!

If you have any further questions or comments please post them below or email me, I am happy to answer your questions and give you what advice I can. 🙂


XOXO – Autumn Renae 



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