Winter Date Night Ideas


Blogmas is going by so fast ya’ll – it’s already day 5 of Blogmas!

Today I’ll be sharing a couple neat winter date night ideas – winter dates are my fave because you’ve got warm fires, hot cocoa, marshmallows, Christmas movies and even snow!


1. Ice Skating Date

Do you like to ice skate, or feel a little daring? Why not go to an ice rink and spend the evening skating around with your loved one! If one or neither of you can really skate it’ll make it all the more fun learning together, plus you may get a few laughs in, too!

2. Christmas Movie Binge Night 

It’s Christmastime – why not binge watch all your fave Christmas movies together?! This is great especially if you feel just like staying in and having a slow night instead of being in all the hustle and bustle! You could watch romantic Christmas movies or watch the cheesiest ones you know of!

3. Go To A Tree Farm 

What better Christmas date is there than going to a Christmas tree farm?! If you’ve already gotten your tree or just don’t want a live one, you can go pick out a nice real wreath or just walk around with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands!

4. Play Candyland 

I know it may not necessarily be a Christmas game (I don’t think) but Candyland always just seemed so Christmaslike to me as a child! Stay in and play this game with some gingerbread cookies and a cup of coffee – how fun!

5. Go For A Carriage Ride 

Going for a carriage ride at Christmas is simply perfect – how more romantic can it get?!  Of course, that’s coming from someone who’s already a horse fanatic, but seriously, a horse-drawn carriage ride around the park is simply a perfect winter date!

6. Have A Hot-Chocolate-A-Thon

Never heard of a hot-chocolate-a-thon? It’s seriously fun and is perfect if you two are a little competitive! There’s actually two ways to play it – 1) whoever comes up with the weirdest concoction of hot cocoa that’s drinkable wins or 2) whoever drinks the most hot cocoa in the least amount of time wins 😉

7. See A Christmas Parade 

Take your Boo to see a local Christmas parade and just enjoy all the floats and festive decor everywhere! This is a favourite of mine and it really gets you in the Christmas spirit!

8. Decorate A Gingerbread House Together 

I’m sure you knew this one was coming! Gingerbread houses are just plain fun to make and you could even have one of you decorate one side and the other decorate the opposite side – then see who did the best work! (or worst work, haha!)

9 . Go Look At Christmas Lights 

Jump in the car and go searching for Christmas lights! This is so much fun, and it’s really inspiring to see the ideas that others have come up with on their homes, barns, and yards. It’s nice to just go around and see all the twinkle lights everywhere and soak up the season!

10. Go Christmas Caroling 

Know an elderly neighbor who needs some Christmas cheer? Why not you and your hubby go spread some love and sing them a couple Christmas songs and bring them a little joy and laughter?! You could also go to your friends’ homes, your parents, a church member’s home or rest home.

So that’s it, my friends! I hope you found some of these ideas worth trying, I tried to vary them with half going out dates and half staying in dates because not everyone likes to go out during the hectic Holiday season and then not everyone likes staying in. 🙂

Have your own favourite winter date night ideas?

Comment below!

XOXO – Autumn 



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