Faith Filled Friday: Christian Book Haul

Hello, Friends!

Time for another Faith Filled Friday! Today I rounded up some recent book purchases to share with you – I havent read each one all the way through yet, but I feel I’ve read enough to let you know about them and how I feel about each of them.

I got these books from Barnes and Noble in a nearby town, though you could buy them off the B&N website or Lifeway 🙂

A few of these books I had been wanting for a while and so I was glad to be able to get them!


Book Haul 1.jpg


I’ll go from top to bottom and also note what topic each one covers, and then go from there 🙂

  • Top: “The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkeurst 
  • Upper Middle: “Savor” by Shauna Niequist
  • Lower Middle: “Grace, Not Perfection” by Emily Ley
  • Bottom: “Praise – A Creative Journaling Bible” by GoodBooks

Now before you go thinking I just took an impromto trip to the bookstore and carried out a whole stack of books without any thought to it, think again!

I already had a couple things in mind when I went (though I wasn’t sure if they were in stock) and also had one I really wanted to find.

To kind of break down this book list there is one devotional, one Bible, and two Christian lifestyle books thrown into the mix! It’s good when you can have a varied variety to take home because it will help you in more than just one way.

Let’s go through these four books and I’ll tell you a little about each one, how each book has helped me and what I have learned!


“The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkurst 

I was so excited when I saw this book on the shelves, you guys! I had eagerly awaited the relase of this book – and apparently many other women had as well because then I couldn’t find it!

True, I could have easily ordered it from online but the truth is I love to actually go to the bookstore and phusically hold the book and then bring it home! I’m a lover of books and for me being able to touch and hold the book just makes for an awesome experiance every time!

Book Haul 3.jpg

The Best Yes” is one of my favorite books thus far by Lysa, I’ve read a few of her books before and really like her writing style and presentation – she keeps you focused and keeps the tempo throughout the book going.

It’s a great book for those that say “yes” to everything and then quickly find out that you are not Super Woman – you need God, you need your spouse, and you need to clearly think of what you are saying “yes” to each and every day!

This is sooo important, and it is especially important when you are a wife, entrepreneur and have a busy life.

Lysa shows you how being a “yes girl” can lead to frustration, missed blessings, anxiety and feeling like you have no time for anything because you’ve spread youself so incrdibly thin you can’t even get back up!

I definitely needed this book, and I’m sure of you reading this now have a piqued interest for yourself or someone you know!



“Savor” by Shauna Niequist 

I had been wanting a new devotional for 2017 that was also dated day-by-day because it is just easier for me to keep up when they are dated, and I also wanted one that was written by a wife thinking a few marriage devotionals would be great.

This is a great devotional! It has a fabric binding, beautifully laid out pages and even has recipies in there for every month so you can try something new!

Book Haul 2.jpg


It’s probably number 1 or 2 on my all-time favorites list because of everything combined, and the fact that Shauna packs a lot of punch into a short devotional.

My personal devotion time is in the morning right before or at breakfast time – and these devotionals are the perfect length for a morning quiet time!

This is a devotional I would defintely reccomend, go check it out!



Grace, Not Perfection” by Emily Ley

Ohhhhhh this book, ya’ll. This book is THE BOMB.

I for one am defintely someone who needed to read it and then read it a thousand times more – and I think everyone else should, too!

Book Haul 5.jpg

In todays world we pretty much see “perfect” everything, all day long. Think Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you’d be right – but it goes much further than that!

Look at magazines, newpaper adds, professional websites and maybe even you own business and home and you’ll find that everyone is striving for one thing: the perfect esthetic. The perfect life.

But this crashes with reality and what life really is from day to day, and we feel discouraged and unworthy – forgetting that we are a child of the King.

I do not think I could reccomend a better book currently! This book is absolutely amazing, and no matter you path in life or age, everyone could learn something (honestly, lots of things!) from this book!

“Praise: A Creative Journaling Bible” by GoodBooks

I can’t remeber exactly when the creative Bible journaling craze hit the stores, I think it was around the time that the adult coloring books made a comeback – but I’m so glad it did!

This is awesome and a great way for creatives to not only learn from God’s truth, but also use their God-given talent at the same time!

Book Haul 4.jpg

Here is an exceerpt from Nehemiah with an example of the coloring side – some designs are like the one on this page, some are modern lines and some are beautiful doodles of flowers!

This is something defintely worth considering if you love to be creative and have your quiet time simulatneously.

All these books are ones that I would personally recommend to anyone – I hope you enjoyed this post!

There’s nothing like getting some new reads right after the start of a new year, in fact, it’s probably one of my favorite things about starting a new 365 day book for us each to write about our own lives.

What are your favorites? Have you read any of these or want to know more about them? What new books have you added so far in this new year!?

Comment below, happy Friyay everybody!


Autumn Renae 


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