MM// Spring Refresh: 31 Things To Do for Your Spouse

Hello, Loves!

I’m so excited that it’s finally MARCH!!!

This time of year just happens to be my favorite – things are blooming, soft pastel colors are emerging and things are finally warming up!

Now I know that most of us have heard of Spring Cleaning and that many people take this time of year to revamp their lives + their spaces, but why not do that with our relationships too?

Beings it’s Marriage Monday I thought that I could share 31 different things to do for your spouse to really show them you care and that you value them!

It’s so very important to do this each and every day and hopefully, this list can be a “starter” list for you that you will carry out through the year – and make it last 365!

Let’s get started, shall we?!

  • Day 1 – leave a little love note 
  • Day 2 – cook them their favorite meal 
  • Day 3 – compliemnt them on something 
  • Day 4 – let them have a chill night (don’t ask them to do anything – let them rest!)
  • Day 5 – ask what you can pray about for your spouse
  • Day 6 – smile every time you see your spouse or when they look at you
  • Day 7 – talk about hard things – without crying or pitching a fit (whichever you are more prone to do, don’t do it!)
  • Day 8 – give them a back massage/foot massage 
  • Day 9 – say “I Love You” throughout the day
  • Day 10 – take them to their favorite restaurant for a treat
  • Day 11 – give the gift of appreciation
  • Day 12 – say 12 encouraging things to your spouse throughout the day  
  • Day 13 – buy them a nice fragrance and leave it on their bedside to find 
  • Day 14 – do something that is normally your spouses job (mowing, taking out the trash, laundry, dusting)
  • Day 15 – look nice when your spouse gets home – no sweats, oily hair or unbrushed teeth! 
  • Day 16 – post on social media how much you love, respect and appreciate your spouse
  • Day 17 – mark a “night out” on your spouses schedule and let them find it as a surprise!
  • Day 18 – talk about something hard without getting defensive
  • Day 19 – come home with their favorite dessert (or make their favorite dessert if you know how!)
  •  Day 20 – get interested in their hobby – or at least allow a Saturday to try it with them 
  • Day 21 – set up a fort in the living room and watch romantic movies along with some ice cream! 
  • Day 22 – bring lunch to your spouses work and surprise them! (always a favorite of mine!)
  • Day 23 – give them the gift of acceptance 
  • Day 24 – build up their confidence and self worth- only you will know how to do this 
  • Day 25 – play a couples themes “Truth or Dare”!
  • Day 26 – pray together over something personal and specific in your lives 
  • Day 27 – create a message board out of a square of corkboard placed somewhere private just for you to leave each other notes 
  • Day 28 – inspire them 
  • Day 29 – go on a double date (or host one) with another godly couple you both enjoy 
  • Day 30 – draw/paint them a picture and frame it 
  • Day 31 – Kiss. And make it a good one – kiss them like today is the last day you will ever see them.





12 thoughts on “MM// Spring Refresh: 31 Things To Do for Your Spouse

  1. What a sweet list! Day 21 is my favorite- my husband and I haven’t had a fort/movie night in a long time (but we have done it before lol!) love the idea of adding in ice cream to the mix. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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