MM // Things I LOVE About My Husband!

Hello, Friends!

It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of Spring, isn’t it?! Time really does fly by as you get older.
It’s Marriage Monday around here, and I thought why not do a post on things I love about my husband?!

I think every day we should seek to love those around us and our special friends year round, and especially our spouses because let’s face it – marriage is hard. It takes work. It’s not always pretty or a fairytale. It can be rough.

Seeking to love your spouse like Christ loves us will give you a fresh take and view of your spouse, and help solve any issues you may be having right now!

What are some things I love about Samuel? Read on!

He is compassionate like Christ.

His work ethic – he’s one of the hardest working men I know!

 • He is patient.

 • Children – he loves children and will be a great father one day.

 • He is intelligent, he’s a very smart man both in education and life.

The way he is so thoughtful.

 • He encourages me to be the best I can be – he pushes me to reach my goals!

 • His smile! It’s contagious.

 • The way he is loyal.

 • He is protective of me, I always feel safe!

He loves my parents as his own and asks for advice like a son. 

 • How he loves to cook! It’s a hobby of his, and he is good at it! (especially grilling!)

 • The way he is understanding – the times I need to vent about something he is understanding and just holds me while I talk.

 • The sacrifices he makes at times to make sure I am happy and content. 

He loves animals and treats them like family!

 • His heart and soul.

Remembering the qualities you love in your spouse (and the things that drew you to them) is something I think gets forgotten a lot of the time, which is silly isn’t it?

Samuel and I are about to celebrate our first year of marriage – and what an exciting year it has been! But all throughout our first year, I always go back to the things I mentioned above and our first date – not necessarily because we are going through a tough time, but just because it benefits everyone when you reminisce on such things.

It keeps the marriage fresh and new, which can be hard work but is honestly what keeps you both going when trials and rough patches come!

Thinking about your favorite qualities in your spouse will also help you appreciate them even more, and not take a single second for granted! Life can sometimes, unfortunately, be short, and it’s best to live every moment together to the fullest.

What do you adore in your spouse? What qualities drew you to them, and why do you appreciate these?

Keep it classy and comment below!


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