One Year Down, Forever To Go

Happy Monday!

April was such a busy month for Samuel and I – so much so that I took a little break from blogging to really enjoy it and all it had to offer!

I turned 21, we had our first wedding anniversary (along with a little first-anniversary trip!) and we also celebrated Samuels birthday. All in all, April flew by!

While I wish I was Superwoman – I’m sadly not.

Between the birthdays and our first anniversary, plus our little trip and then getting back in the swing of things I just wanted to enjoy all of it and take it easy!

I thought I would take today and just talk about how the first (often feared?) year of married life went, and what all I’ve learned.

The first year of marriage has often been pegged the “hardest”, and while in some ways it may be – it’s more of a full year of learning! Nothing to be afraid of, just a lot of hard work and love.

Sometimes newly married women are worried and get all nervous about this first year because I think that society has made the “the first year” something to be afraid of or be worried about – often making new wives jittery and it can actually dampen the joy of this new life adventure.

I bought into that same thinking – but not for long.

Yes – learning to live with your soul mate, balancing a household and being a helpmeet is a big learning curve. But it isn’t something to get all nervous about, and it certainly isn’t something to be afraid of!

The first year of marriage has highs and lows, but there are more highs and you really do control how smoothly things go!

Our first year was beautiful – I often like to picture it like a watercolor painting. Filled with vibrant colors, a few more dark toned strokes but then beautiful blues and yellows following the darkened spots.

In other words? It was a beautiful year filled with more highs than lows – and those low parts are things to learn from, and then press on!

There are a few things that, personally, I want to improve for this second year of marriage and the years after that though – it’s just a few things, but they each are important to the health of a marriage.

  • Take the defense less and really listen when a disagreement arises
  • Pray for my Husband even more fervently
  • Continue making our house into an inviting, warm home
  • Learn to be even more frugal and thrifty
  • Dare I say submission? (though I know that this is an ongoing learning process, and my Hubby is very gentle and good at leading our home!)
  • Continue crafting a good homemaking plan for house cleaning and maintenance
  • Brainstorm healthy meal options for my Hubby’s lunches
  • Protect our marriage keeping it strong and unbreakable through Christ

I think that is a very good second-year list don’t you think?

This list I feel would probably vaguely be any new Christian wife’s list entering into her second year of marriage, and each point connects to the next in their own way creating a strong tie.

Another thing I love about our marriage is that we strive to keep Christ in the center of it,   then we take care of each other and then stay closely knit to our families individually and all together! This, I think, is a very important system.

Our first year we managed to also take trips with both sides of the family to have some quality time (very important, and something I would wholeheartedly suggest) and also took some vacation time for just the two of us!

We are also involved in our local church and plan on furthering our relationships there, as well as expanding our service in the church over the course of this year.

I am very happy to be the daughter of Christ and a wife to my Samuel, and I thank God every day for the many, many blessings He has given to us!

Our first year of marriage flew by so fast – now we have forever to go! I am so excited to live out this life with Samuel and see where life takes us, and what God has in store for us.

Happy Monday, and as always remember to comment below and keep it classy!



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