Dream Vanity Reveal!!!

Hello, Lovelies!!

If you’ve been following my Insta feed, then you probably know a very important dream of mine has recently come to fruition – finding my dream vanity piece!

It’s been a long process – I’ve been looking for this for well over 2 1/2 years!

Growing up, my furniture was always pure cream or white …… I just loved the look of a white bedroom suite! However, when Samuel and I purchased our home and began looking for bedroom furniture I decided to go with a rich mahogany master bedroom suite instead.

I don’t regret our decision at all, but it did pose a slightly complicated problem – finding the right vanity!

To say this has been a challenge is an understatement, haha! Unlike my other vanities over the years, I wanted this one to have plenty of drawers and to also go well with our master bedroom suite.

It needed to have silver detailing, and be able to hold my growing makeup collection, skincare items and hair/nail accsesories, too.

I also have an interest in working with brands in the coming year and wanted a nice space to take photographs of the products but also ample space to store them!

All my other vanities have had no drawers whatsoever …. I also stored everything on top of the vanity on trays or stands! While this may work for some, it most definitely does not work when you have a puppy in the house!!

Plus, I’ve really outgrown having no drawers!

This is my beautiful vanity I just picked up Tuesday – isn’t she a bute?!

Vanity Reveal 8

She has 8 drawers total – it looks like 9, however the bottom two right drawers are actually one giant drawer with two above it!!

Oh, how it has been fun organizing/arranging this beautiful vanity!! While I do plan on organizing it more in the future, I’m happy with how it is currently and I’m researching ways to make the most out of this new piece.

Vanity Reveal 3.jpg

It goes beautifully with our bedroom suite – the drawer pulls match, it has silver etching and beautiful curved French legs! The green velvet chair is a family heirloom passed down from the late 1800’s, and the mirror is from a small local antique shop.

These two pieces go absolutely amazing with this vanity, and also complements our room and the style we’ve chosen!

I found this beauty on Facebook Marketplace, and it is a rare French beauty! After talking to the artist who renovated her, we settled on a price and the next day – she was home!

The only thing that I plan on doing as soon as I am able to, is to have a thin piece of glass cut to place on the top; not only will this better protect the beautifully stained wood from smudges, scratches and the worst — discoloration – but it will also serve in keeping this beautiful vanity in good condition for years to come!!

Beauty and skincare is something I  care very deeply about, and I have a knack (and a passion) for education others about clean, naturally-based skincare and beauty!! It’s easily one of the most rewarding things I love doing and something that is abundantly satisfying to me! It is a very beautiful ministry.

Here’s the deets on everything on the vanity’s tabletop and the rest of the pieces:

Vanity: Reclaimed vintage French vanity via local artist.

Chair: Family Heirloom, late 1800’s hunter green velvet + silver cording.

Mirror: Finding at a local antique store, reclaimed.

Peony Arrangement: Handmade by Me, used at our gorgeous wedding ceremony!

Small Trinket Box: Wedding day gift by my Husband, handmade.

Compact Mirror: Wedding day gift by my Husband, off of Etsy.

Side Mirror: Found at local antique store.

Twinkle Lights: Hobby Lobby stores.

Perfumes: “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs, “Sunshine” by Flower, “Malibu Lemon Blossom” by Pacifica, “Tuscan Blood Orange” by Pacifica, and my favorite – “Cherry Blossom” by L’Occitane!

Vanity Reveal 1

I hope everyone has enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’m so pleased and feel so blessed to have this treasured find …. sometimes it really is the little things in life that mean the most!

This was a heartfelt gift from my parents, who know just how much and how long I have been diligently searching for the “perfect” vanity table. I’m so thankful to be as blessed as I am – a loving God, a loving husband, amazing parents, great church family, a beautiful home and a blessed life where I get to stay at home and work and make our house into a sanctuary.

Vanity Reveal 11

Have a blessed day, friends!

I’ll be in touch 😉


Autumn Renae 



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