My 5 Essential Cleaning Habits!

Hey Ya’ll!

Today I wanted to share my top 5 everyday cleaning habits that always get done!

These are 5 super simple, easily doable tasks that will definitely help you stay on top of your housekeeping!

I have a daily/weekly/monthly house cleaning schedule that I keep like clockwork – most of the time – but there are times when I may be gone most of the day and back just in time to pop dinner in the oven, which means I’ve unfortunately been away most of the day and the majority of the house cleaning just hasn’t gotten done.

BUT – I do have 5 simple things that still get done even on hectic days when I’m away that help the house stay presentable and tidy even if some of the “deeper” cleaning  just didn’t get done!

Are you ready?! Let’s dive in!

1. Make The Bed ASAP 

One of the first thing’s I do in the morning when I get up is make our bed.

Now, I know a lot of people complain and fuss how “they just didn’t get the bed made” or that they rarely do … and it kinda just confuses me!

It takes less than a minute to adjust your pillows and pull your sheets/comforter up and voila! your bed is made!

I guess whatever floats your boat, but making our bed is pretty much always done within 10-15 minutes within me getting out of it.

What I love about this little task is that no matter how messy the bedroom might actually be, just having the bed itself made makes the rest of the room look surprisingly tidy!

Try it and I promise you’ll be surprised at how much this little task will help your day get started and make a messy room look not as bad! Win win!

2. Dishes, Dishes, Dishes!

I’m going to be honest – dishes are not something I enjoy. At all.

But having a dishwasher is a game changer, ya’ll! I’ve found that for Samuel and I, in our household, emptying and loading the dishwasher daily helps dishes take less than 5-10 minutes a day and makes the volume wayyyy less than if I only ran the dishwasher every other day – which is something I tried previously and just didn’t end up working!

So now I empty the dishwasher right after breakfast each morning so that dishes throughout the day go directly into the dishwasher, not the sink! 

That’s the real key, my friends!

Making it to where dishes go directly into the washer throughout the day and not the sink has really helped keep the kitchen tidy and clean, plus I’m more prepared for friends who might happen to “show up” during the day – I like not having to entertain in a kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes!!

Then, after dinner I just hit “start” and they’re cleaned and ready to be unloaded the following morning. 🙂

3. Do A 10-Minute Tidy 

This is something I started doing shortly after Samuel and I got married, and it’s really made a difference!

If I’ve been out most of the day, after I pop dinner in the oven I use that time to get any loose ends tied up before Sam gets home.

This 10 minute time span is devoted just to any clutter in eye’s view; think mail cluttering the front foyer table, dirty laundry missing the clothes basket by two feet, the terribly dirty mudroom rug that needs to be taken care of, or maybe the living room needs a light picking up … really, just anything amiss in eye’s view!

During this time though one thing that I always throw in is wiping off the kitchen countertops for crumbs and to make them shine! It really helps with kitchen cleanup and helps keep any germs at bay.

It’s not really for getting what was on the daily cleaning schedule done, but rather to get a few tiny things done ensuring that the place still looks picked up and at least not terribly cluttered!

This is something that seems to happen on the weekends – our Saturday evenings are usually unplanned and taken up with Church activities/gatherings/errands and by the time we get home it’s time to have a quick dinner and get ready for Church the following day.

I kinda nicknamed it my “Saturday” schedule, lol!

4. Run The Essential Oil Diffusers 

We have two dogs, a mudroom, and farm part-time – mix all that together, and it smells less than desirable sometimes!

I really like eo diffusers because I don’t have to worry about an open flame (such as a candle) and I don’t have to worry about hot wax either (bye-bye, wax melts.) which gives me peace of mind throughout the day.

My favorite scent for the kitchen has always been lemon, for the living room I usually diffuse an uplifting blend (it changes from day to day!) and in our master bedroom I like to stick mostly with lavender or a lavender/eucalyptus blend – it smells divine!

Plus, eo diffusers are super easy to fill each morning and then just start them – my large diffusers last all day! In our bedroom I use a smaller one (my Hubby is somewhat sensitive to strong scents when he sleeps …. ) and start it about 5:00 PM and let it run the rest of the night.

Our home always smells fresh and keeps any odors at bay!

5. Bathroom Duty

I deep-clean the bathrooms every week, without fail,  but take the time every day to give the toilet bowl a *swish* and wipe down the countertops.

This just makes that one day a week where I deep clean it take less time and makes it a lot easier!

I used to not do this with the bathroom countertops but after wiping it down each day consistently, it really does make a difference! Sinks I only do that day if one needs it, they usually don’t though.

What I also like about this is that it keeps you prepared for any guests that may need to use your facilities – nothing is quite as embarrassing for me as to have an unexpected guest use a dirty bathroom!

With this game changer, I never have to worry about it! Whew!


And that’s my “Essential 5” friends!

5 simple things I do everyday to ensure a tidy home – even when the bulk of the cleaning just didn’t get done! It’s a game changer and none of these tasks take a long time at all, making them perfect daily things to add to your regime.

It’s taken me a while to hone these 5 things, though!

I used to get very upset if I was gone most of the day and didn’t get to come home till later …. just enough time to make dinner, but not enough time to do the “normal” cleaning tasks for the day.

I’d go to bed frustrated, aggravated & knowing that not only did I have more on my plate for the next day but also that my Husband had to come home to a chaotic mess and a less-than-desirable atmosphere after being in chaos all day at work!

With these 5 steps now, done everyday no matter what, I may have to double up on the bigger cleaning tasks the next day – but the house is esthetically tidy, smells nice, and sets a nicer atmosphere for my darling Hubs when he comes home!!

It’s also nicer to go to bed knowing that there’s no clutter everywhere when you (Lord willing) wake up the next morning – you get to wake up and start the next day in a tidy space with no loose clutter.

Hopefully you can implement some of these tips in your home, as well! Try it out sometime and see if these “5 Essentials” don’t help you achieve a tidy home even after a long day – and create a place of rest and a quiet haven for you and your loved ones to bond!

Happy Friday friends, God bless!





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