My Top Christian Gal Resources

Hey Y’all!

Soooo on my Instagram the other day I did an Insta Stories vote for the next blogpost, and sharing some of my top Christian gal resources won the vote!

Don’t worry – I’ll still be doing an October favorites post, I promise!!! (also, if you’re not following me on Insta you totally should! It’s @gracefilledsouthern and I post tons of helpful, everyday gal stuff!)

I feel like a lot of young Christian women have a lot coming at them from all directions – home life, busy school/work schedules, time with family and friends, and of course there’s also growing continually in Christ!

But it’s hard, isn’t it??

We’re pulled in alllll these different directions and at the end of the day, we still have to remember Who lets us live our lives in His grace – Jesus!

It’s easy to take that for granted sometimes, amiright?!

We get so caught up in day to day life, our social lives, our home life, and spending time with everyone but the One who gives us each breath!

That brings me to my first Christal gal resource! Are ya ready?! Let’s dive in, friend!

1) SHEPodcast by Jordan Dooley

To be honest, I tried getting into podcasts when they first became a “thing” but just couldn’t relate to a lot of them, or I just couldn’t stick to one.

But this podcast is AMAZING!

Jordan has an amazing speaking ministry and is super relatable!!

She’s also a good Christian role model and has a lot of good, sound advice for today’s current Christian young woman!

I like to listen to this podcast pretty much first thing in the morning with my morning coffee. (cause, you know, coffee is life!)

This is a good podcast for morning routine/coffee time as most are about 20ish minutes – but believe me, there is a LOT of truth packed into that 20ish minute timeframe!

2) She Reads Truth App

WOW. Where do I start?!

THIS is how I manage to actually get a morning devotional in – every morning!

This app is amazing because not only does it have an amazing community, it also has several devotionals to choose from (and they add regularly) it also has a Bible app built in!!!

So it’s like killing two birds with one stone right there – devo + Bible app. I’m in love. Seriously!

A subscription is $1.99 a month and unlocks ALL the devotionals and other things in the app. To be quite honest, I have NEVER purchased a monthly subscription on an app until THIS! It’s just that good y’all.

And to be honest, that’s only like $24.00 a year and you’re 1) getting a devotional in every day and 2) you also have the Bible at your fingertips 24/7 in the same app.

Note – if you can spend over $24 a month in coffees from Starbucks, you can spend $24 a year for this app to deepen your spiritual life!

3) WOAH Podcast by Sadie Robertson

Who doesn’t LOVE Sadie Robertson?! Like really?

This is a great podcast – and different than Jordan Dooleys SHEPodcast, which I like because they’re both great but different enough where they aren’t talking about the same exact things!

Sadie’s podcasts are a lot longer generally, typically from 25-30+ minutes long. I really like listening to these just before bed (think night routine, in the shower, getting ready for bed!) and Sadie has a lot of guests on her podcast which keeps it interesting!

Would def recommend this one for an evening podcast, or a long car ride/commute to work!

4) The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

I’m a big fan of Lysa – her books are relevant, truthful & full of everyday truth!

The Best Yes discusses how to learn to say “no” and being selective and intentional in what you say “yes” to on a day to day basis.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how much this would help me – but it has!

We get sucked into saying “yes” so much in life when we’re already at the brink of a meltdown because there’s so much to do – when we should actually be much more intentional in what we say “yes” and “no” to!

5) The First 5 App

I really like this app, too!

To be honest, I like the layout and having a devotional + Bible all in one app like the She Reads Truth app, so I don’t have this on my phone anymore, but it really is a good one!

Like the SRT app, you can subscribe to The First 5 app as well I believe.

It really comes down to how you like your app layouts + if you want to have to have a separate Bible app, because honestly this is a great app!

6) One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

I’ll be honest here – I just started this book the other day, but so far is is WONDERFUL!

This book is about living full right where you are – even if it’s not where you thought you’d be, what you thought you’d be doing, or what you thought your plan was!

It’s about living grateful in every aspect of the life He has given you, and how to live authentic in Him.

It’s great so far, and I definitely recommend it to any young woman – because you can plan your life all you want, but ultimately it’s Christ who should direct your path!

Those are my top Christian gal resources at the moment! Each one blesses me so much every day – especially the podcasts!

I will say I don’t always listen to Sadie’s podcasts in the evening but I do attempt to, however I always listen to the SHEPodcast over my morning coffee!

Having an app that I can go to first thing in the morning for an amazing devotional + Bible reading (in the same app!) sets my day on a good start, and I can reflect on the Bible passages throughout the day. It’s super helpful, and something I don’t even bat an eye at for $24 a year!

I’m a book lover, too, and these two books are the most recent Christian books geared towards women that caught my attention and have been really helping me – a good book + some hot chocolate in the evening is divine!

Do you have any great resources for us Christian gals?! If so, comment below!




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