My Post-Christmas Rituals

Hello loves!!

We wake up to find that Christmas Day is past, under the tree is now empty and barren, and our family is gone … leaving us with an eerily quiet house the next morning + possibly quite a few dishes to wash as well.

It’s so easy to have those post-Christmas blues is it not?!

Seasonal depression is no joke – you don’t have to “have” any form of clinical depression to get it, and it’s rather catchy too.

Today I’m sharing my personal post-Christmas ritual list that I do on December 26th and sometimes repeat a few things off this list up to January 1st!

1) a slow, mindful morning

for me, the morning after Christmas is a quiet one.

my husband goes back to his “usual” work hours, and so I have the house to myself, along with our pups Adeline + Bear.

so on December 26th, I give myself a slow morning full of mindfulness!

it’s usually something very needed after a somewhat hectic start to the month and the stressful few days leading up to Christmas Eve.

so this is a gift I give myself – the gift of slowness, of being mindful.

2) morning vitamins

I know, I know, this isn’t that “special” but I make sure I get back on track taking any vitamins/medicines because typically I forget them on Christmas Morning with all the happenings!

if I don’t, odds are it will become a habit to *not* take these – making it harder to fall back into routine.

3) taking every gift I personally received to put it away + reflecting on the giver.

this is something I enjoy – while I’m still in a quiet house, I enjoy taking each gift and reflecting on the giver/the thoughts behind each gift!

it’s such a beautiful experience and makes putting away the gifts a peaceful one instead of a sad one.

4) write down the years highlights

I start from the last January, and from there write down each highlight that I remember going through the months!

it’s so fun, and another way of reflecting on a good year full of hidden blessings.

5) focus on celebrating winter solstice + deep winter

celebrating Winter in general is something I began last year and really enjoy – because the winter months are beautiful in their own way and deserve to be recognized.

it’s something to look forward after Christmas, too!

6) nail down my New Years intentions

thinking on the upcoming new year is usually on my mind around this time, and if I haven’t fully finished my intentions – I go ahead and nail that down on the 26th.

I tend to focus on intentions, rather than resolutions, and this has changed my mindset and has really helped cultivate a more intentional approach to life!

7) celebrate reality

yes, you read that correctly!

simply celebrate your personal reality the day after Christmas – count your blessings, any hopes and dreams, and family and friends.

there will always be negatives in any reality – that can’t be helped. but celebrating the life that God has given you is such a beautiful thing, rising above any negativity that may be in it!

8) see tidying up after Christmas as a reflection of each loved one that was present

I personally find the cleanup after Christmas to be one of the most depressing.

because of this, I try to change my focus from sadness of a day gone past to the reflection of everybody that came + thanking God for each loved one present!

9) lovingly reflect on any passed loved one

this one is big for me, as one of the most beloved people in my lifetime passed away three days after Christmas.

do I cry a little sometimes after reflecting on this ritual?

yes, yes I do.

but it’s less of a “sad” cry and more of a “grateful” cry, knowing that I was just blessed enough to have that person in my life the length of time I did.

so, if you are missing a loved one/loved ones, I urge you to lovingly reflect on that person (or persons) and just be grateful for the time you had.

10) write a poem or a short letter

now this one is tailored for me personally as I love to write – but for you it may be snapping a few pictures, baking something wonderful or perhaps taking a short walk through the woods!

but for me, I like to write a short poem with any feelings I’m feeling or writing a letter.


and that’s my little list of post-Christmas rituals, friends!

I hope that you found something off my list that you can use to help lift your spirits on the day after Christmas – because life should be lived to the fullest everyday, and the spirit of Christmas is ours to keep and give all throughout the year!

I hope all of my dear readers had a blessed Christmas, too, full of love and warmth and family!

have a wonderful day, my loves!


Autumn Renae


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